Smokin Kt-22 Snowboard

Smokin Kt 22 Snowboard Smokin Kt 22 SnowboardConsidering that Smokins boards are handcrafted in Tahoe, its only appropriate that Smokin named its flagship freeride snowboard after Squaws infamous KT-22 lift. KT-22 (the lift) offers access to stunning steeps, tight chutes, massive cliffs, K..
Smokin Team Ttx Snowboard Smokin Kt 22 SnowboardRidden by diverse crew stretching from Tahoes towering peaks to Pacific Northwests snow-capped volcanoes, Smokin Team TTX Snowboard is top-flight freestyle board for ripping mountain like its giant terrain park. Team TTX borrows asymme..
Stepchild Snowboards Latchkey Snowboard Reverse Camber Smokin Kt 22 SnowboardBuilt for stacking tricks in streets and carefree cruising in park, Stepchild LatchKey Reverse Camber Snowboard is playful jib stick for riders who live for jibbing. Slightly stiffer than its cambered counterpart, Reverse Camber LatchKey offers liv..
Stepchild Snowboards Latchkey Snowboard Regular Camber Smokin Kt 22 SnowboardThe Stepchild Latchkey Regular Camber Snowboard forgoes convoluted hybrid profiles and expensive space-age materials in favor of good ol fashioned camber and full wood core to deliver time-tested pop and power. This is choice for aggressive riders who o..
Stepchild Snowboards Sucks Snowboard Smokin Kt 22 SnowboardContrary to what name implies, Stepchild Sucks Snowboard is pretty awesome when it comes to pressing rails, carving groomers, surfing freshies. This all-mountain machine has versatile profile and medium flex thats capable of handling everything from..
Stepchild Snowboards Kamknife Snowboard Smokin Kt 22 SnowboardSlice and dice way through park with power and precision on Stepchild Kamknife Snowboard. Preferred by Canadian jump slayer Charles Reid, this powerful park board is made for riders who like to haul ass into huge jumps and boost big airs in pi..