Ski Vises

Swix Ski Brake Retainers

Swix Ski Brake Retainers Swix Ski Brake RetainersSwix Ski Brake Retainers eliminate need for vice that activates bindings, so you can work on skis in hotel hallway or buddys van on way to hill…
Swix Glide Wax Natural Cork Swix Ski Brake RetainersThe Swix Glide Wax Natural Cork is just right tool you need to help you melt wax onto planks or board. Made from natural cork, this handy device is an essential part of ski or snowboard tuning setup. Its easy to use and lets you apply grea..
Swix Handy Scraper Swix Ski Brake RetainersUse Swix Handy Scraper to fulfill all of hard-wax and klister scraping needs. Caution: please dont have few too many beers and decide its good idea to use this as window scraper for car…
Swix Plastic Scraper Swix Ski Brake RetainersBefore you drop fresh coat of wax on bases of boards remove old, gnarly stuff using Swix Plastic Scraper. Three sharpened edges peel away old stuff quick, one notched edge helps guide this scraper down skinnier boards. Toss la..
Swix Synthetic Cork Swix Ski Brake RetainersThe Swix Synthetic Cork is long-lasting cork great for creating super fast base. Cork in wax and youre good to go…
Swix Synthetic Combi Cork Swix Ski Brake RetainersBefore you get fingers all balled up with wax, use Swix Synthetic Combi Cork on kick zone to make kick wax adhere better to bases. 100-grit sandpaper also comes in handy when you need to dull edges at tip and tail of skis..

Swix Snowboard Polishing Cork

Swix Snowboard Polishing Cork Swix Snowboard Polishing CorkUse Swix Snowboard Polishing Cork to buff out fresh wax after applying it to base. Swix made this low density, all-purpose synthetic cork wide enough for snowboard…
Swix Steel Scraper Swix Snowboard Polishing CorkYou can sharpen ski or board edges, drip p-tex into gouges, wax yourself, but tuning kit isnt complete without Swix Steel Scraper. Keep this rectangular tool close by, because its just right for removing base hangers, cleaning wax scra..
Swix Snowboard Plexi Scraper Swix Snowboard Polishing CorkWaxing board and then leaving excess wax on is like dressing with wicking skivvies and performance base layers and then forgetting about hoody and riding jacket. After ironing in wax, use long edge of Swix Plexi Scraper to remove excess..
Swix Gummy Stone Swix Snowboard Polishing CorkSwix designed Gummi Stone to remove nasty micro burrs that result after you sharpen edges. Simply rub Gummi Stone along entire length of ski or boards edge for smooth finish. Or, just detune tips and tails, which will reduce c..
Swix Polysticks Swix Snowboard Polishing CorkSo maybe you did get little over-excited that first big snow of year when you decided to shred untracked under lift. Whether those couple sweet turns was worth gouge in base of ski is debatable, but at least you can repair it with th..
Swix F4 Combi Brush Swix Snowboard Polishing CorkThe Swix F4 Combi Brush combines both bronze and nylon bristles for super convenient, do-it-all brush ideal for travel or saving space. Use bronze side for cleaning and structuring bases before applying wax, then use nylon bristles for finis..

Swix Diamond File

Swix Diamond File Swix Diamond FileHone in perfect tune for skis or board with Swix Diamond File. business end of this file features ultra-durable diamonds to deburr, polish, maintain edges for season after season of great performance…
Swix White Nylon Brush Swix Diamond FileThe Swix White Nylon Coarse Brush is an affordable all-purpose brush for soft and medium waxes. Use it as only brush for recreational skiing, or as an initial brush for high-level racing. Swix brushes are designed for brushing wax out of structures (b..
Swix Waxing Table Small Swix Diamond FileWhether youre setting up in shack course-side or in garage, Swix Wax Table is an easy, convenient place to wax skis. Featuring removable wooden work surface and two adjustable heights, Swix Wax Table is easy to clean and set up. Attach up to two..
Swix T73 Performance Waxing Iron Swix Diamond FileYou spent all that cash on wax, dont ruin it by having iron at wrong temperature. Swix T73 Waxing Iron ensures you get wax where you need it without any waste. T73 Waxing Iron utilizes newest technology in iron heating elements. thi..
Swix Plexi Sharpener Swix Diamond FileYou wouldnt shave face with dull razor, so why clean wax from bases with dull scraper Give plastic scrapers clean, dialed edge with Swix Plexi Sharpener. 40mm short file and right-angle guide takes all work out of maintaining..
Swix World Cup Ski Vise Swix Diamond FileThe Swix 3-Piece Vise is made for ski tuners who understand that you need right tools to get job done correctly. Instead of using waxing bench to work on skis edges, clamp them into 3-Piece Vise for better stability. Work on dialing in th..

Swix Edger 2×2

Swix Edger 2x2 Swix Edger 2x2The Swix Edger 2×2 is pocket-sized hero. Use Swix Edger to sharpen base and side edges of skis or snowboard when youre on mountain. It allows you to file side edge to 87 and 88 degrees, base edge to 0. 5 and 1 degree…
Swix Oval Nylon All Round Brush Swix Edger 2x2The durable Swix Oval Nylon All Round Brush gives skis last finishing touch when you tune skis and get them ready to charge mountain next day. Run this brush from tip to tail to help texture ski, which makes it glide more effectively..
Swix Phantom Edge File Holder Swix Edger 2x2Dial in perfect edge grind during next ski-tuning session with Swix Phantom Edge File Holder. This simple guide comes stocked with an 80mm file, adjuster knob allows you to set bevel between 85 and 90 degrees. If you decide to swap ou..
Swix Plexi World Cup Sharpener Swix Edger 2x2Sharpening Plexi scrapers edges has never been easier than with Swix Plexi World Cup Sharpener. Keeping scrapers edges sharp makes for cleaner and easier removal of excess wax, this sharpener makes sharpening scraper breeze. You simp..
Swix Universal Adapter For World Cup Ski Vise Swix Edger 2x2Snap Swix Universal Adapter into Swix World Cup Ski Vise and slap some slippery fluorocarbons onto alpine boards, Nordic skis, or snowboard. Adapters grippy pads keep sticks of choice from sliding around as you wax and scrape, s..
Swix Economy Waxing Iron Swix Edger 2x2Your buddy at ski shop appreciates beer, but lets face it, his taste for fine ales is making cost little steep. Enjoy those brews yourself when you treat skis to nice hot wax with Swix Economy Waxing Iron. easy-to-read temperature..

Toko Multi-purpose Scraper

Toko Multi purpose Scraper Toko Multi purpose ScraperThe Toko Multi-Purpose Scraper is useful for removing old wax from sides and grooves of cross country or alpine skis. Toko designed Multi-Purpose Scraper with Klister edge that makes removing sticky wax little easier. spatulas unique..
Toko Steel Wax Scraper Blade Toko Multi purpose ScraperBust out Toko Steel Wax Scraper Blade and make quick work of that rock-hard layer of wax you just ironed onto base of race ski. plastic scraper was good to you, no doubt, but when you started to have to make twenty passes to do what you could..
Toko Edge Grinding Rubber Toko Multi purpose ScraperBurrs and corrosion on board or skis edges can wreak havoc on turns, even cause you to catch an edge. Use Toko Edge Grinding Rubber to remove these imperfections. Simply rub it along edge before or after sharpening to restore skis or boa..
Toko Universal Edge Grinder Toko Multi purpose ScraperThe Toko Universal Edge Grinder is special grinding stone made for working on alpine ski and snowboard edges. Use it to detune tip and tail of ride so you dont catch an edge on hardpack snow. Toko made Universal Edge Grinder from aluminum oxide..
Toko Wax Cork Toko Multi purpose ScraperThe Toko Plasto Cork is synthetic cork for applying grip wax to kick area of skis. Simply rub kick wax onto base of Nordic skis beneath binding, then use Toko Plasto Cork to friction wax grip wax into base. sy..
Toko Structurite Nordic Kit Toko Multi purpose ScraperThe Toko Structurite Nordic Kit includes structuring tool and three interchangeable rollers, so you can prepare running surface of cross-country skis to best suit snow conditions. Each rollers color corresponds to type of wax that complimen..

Toko Cross Country Profile

Toko Cross Country Profile Toko Cross Country ProfileThe Toko Cross Country Profile features long, wide supports to hold classic or skate skis in place while you tune. Toko crafted this spacious profile as professional-grade prep aid so you can precisely wax, structure base, or polish race edge wit..
Toko Base Brush Toko Cross Country ProfileThe Toko Base Brush Copper is durable brush for structuring and cleaning dirty bases. Run it from tip to tail after you scrape wax so that bases work more efficiently. Structuring base prevents skis from getting suction-cup effect which..
Toko Ski Vise Freeride Toko Cross Country ProfileSecure extra-wide jumping or freeride ski on tuning bench with Toko Ski Vise Freeride. center clamp opens to massive 155mm width to securely grip wide skis by either sidewall to make tuning and maintenance easier than ever. This three-piece..
Toko Dmt Diamond File Toko Cross Country ProfileThe Toko DMT Diamond File is final step in tuning edges. Its also effective for de-burring job after using machine or stone grinder. Toko DMT Diamond File is designed to fit into Toko edging fixtures as well, so you can upgrade existing..
Toko Express Tuner Kit Toko Cross Country ProfilePull compact Toko Express Tuner Kit out of ski bag and quickly touch up edges on skis. This versatile little edge tool includes guide that can hold either file for setting edge angle or diamond file for more refined touch-up work. w..
Toko Ergo Race Edge Tool Toko Cross Country ProfileFor quick hit on edges while youre on hill, be sure to carry to Toko Ergo Race Edge Tool. This ergonomically shaped device preps both side edge (88-89 degrees) and base edge (. 5-1 degrees). Includes Toko 80mm World Cup Chrome File…

Toko Scraper Sharpener

Toko Scraper Sharpener Toko Scraper SharpenerIf you have ever worked in shop, you know that waxing skis or board is quicker, simpler job with nice, sharp wax scraper. When wax scraper gets blunt, sharpen it with Toko Scraper Sharpener. Toko Scraper Sharpener works with plexiblade scr..
Toko Universal Adapter For Ski Vise World Cup Toko Scraper SharpenerIf youre an all-around snowrider, you dont want to have to have different tools for each and every sport. Fit Toko Universal Adapter for Ski Vise World Cup into existing vise, use it for snowboards, freeride skis, or cross-country skis. Using th..
Toko Workbench Toko Scraper SharpenerYou tried lodge, condo, race room, you even contemplated tailgate, but you cant find place to mount tuning vices. End hunt for place to tune and reach for Toko Workbench. This sturdy, collapsible workbench sets up quickly and ha..
Toko Oval Base Brush With Strap Toko Scraper SharpenerGet same brush used by racing teams around world. Toko Oval Copper Base Brush is for brushing out and cleaning dirty bases prior to waxing. Its also suitable for brushing out after hot waxing. Toko Oval Copper Base Brushs large contact surf..
Toko Edge Tuner Pro Toko Scraper SharpenerBefore hitting slopes, make sure ski edges are ready to go with Toko Edge Tuner Pro. Featuring roller bearings for super-precise grind and angle settings from 90 to 85 degrees, Tuner Pro provides extra edge you need to push envelope on t..
Dakine Mountain Fresh Multi Wax 3oz Toko Scraper SharpenerLube up board to lightning-fast speeds with Dakine Mountain Fresh Multi Wax straight from Rockies. Just, please, dont try to drink it…