Salomon Salomonder Snowboard

Salomon Snowboards Salomonder Snowboard Salomon Salomonder SnowboardWhether Chris Grenier or Jed Anderson are filming in streets or taking laps through park, Salomon Salomonder Snowboard is official jib tool of Salomons urban wizards. With super-soft flex and strength-enhancing features like No Chip Tips and the..
Salomon Snowboards Villain Snowboard Salomon Salomonder SnowboardWith sleepy style and an ability to handle just about any urban feature you put in front of him, Louif Paradis is straight-up street killer who murders every spot he goes to. His accomplice in slaughtering said spots is Salomon Villain Snowboard. It deli..
Slash Spectrum Snowboard Salomon Salomonder SnowboardBuilt for riders who view mountain as an endless canvas for freestyle expression, Slash Spectrum Snowboard is outlet for pressing handrails, cranking spins off kickers, playing around park. Although Spectrum is freestyle-focused deck, it..
Smokin Big Wig Snowboard Salomon Salomonder SnowboardStart day with fresh turns in trees, transition to tweaked grabs and presses in park, then finish it off with party lap back to pizza shack with Smokin Big Wig Snowboard. This twin-shaped freestyle board pays homage to three favorit..
Smokin Superpark Snowboard Clash Rocker  Salomon Salomonder SnowboardNamed for its go-big mentality, Smokin Superpark CTX Snowboard delivers outstanding performance for full-throttle freestyle riders boosting from kickers and pipe hits. Its responsive flex is matched with forgiving, rocker-dominant profile, allowing you to ef..
Smokin Buck Ferton Snowboard Salomon Salomonder SnowboardA perennial favorite among park riders who dont float mainstream, Smokin Buck Ferton CTX Snowboard was built for freestyle junkies who might be locking into technical presses on rails one run and spinning off huge booters next. It offers versatile per..